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I have been a fan of house music ever since I can remember. My earliest memories of buying house started with the Shep Pettibone’s remix of Miss You Much by Janet Jackson. I remember mowing lawns to earn enough money to be able to purchase the music that I wanted to hear on a continuous basis – that history played a huge part in me becoming the artist that I am today.

 When I produced and hosted my music video show called Video Control, I would often play underground and recognized dance artists on my show like Barbara Tucker, Crystal Waters, Inner City, Dee-Lite and more! It was not until a good friend by the name of Noah that took me to my first club in Detroit that strictly played House Music, and the name of that club was Club Heaven.

The resident DJ was Ken Collier and baby when I stepped into that club, let me tell you that the music was thumping so hard that walls and the light fixtures were rattling. I will tell you that it was extremely dark walking into that space it would have been scary if it were not for the music. And for the very first time, I fell deeply in love with house music.





The best way that I can describe it is when Jason from True Blood first got high on V and how everything from the colors and sounds that he experienced

awakened something new within him.


That is how my first experience with house music was – hearing it loud, not having to turn it down and just feeling the beats and the riffs and runs from the unknown singers that were belting out those hot tunes. To me, always and forever house music is visual music – mainly because of my first experience with it at Club Heaven in Detroit and Ken Collier, may God Rest His Soul – the kids that would kick and split to the beat of the music the strong drinks (my favorite Blue Mother Fucker).

With that said, I will always appreciate singers like Barbara Tucker, Arnold Jarvis, Ultra Nate, Daryl D’Bonneau and countless other singers and songwriters that are not getting the credit that they deserve.


So, I would love to share some of my favorites with you. I have found that playing these songs will allow me to dance, complete housework, and also serves as an inspiration for some of my own upcoming projects. All in all, the list is titled Timeless House Music Jams – however, there are just a couple that may be a little dated but I still love it. I hope you enjoy!






No stranger to the world of music, Martone’s years of experience in television, radio and now music have earned him both recognition and respect. Martone first realized his passion for entertainment after a televised performance at his first school play at the tender age of seven years old. Originally, from Lansing, Michigan, he is often described as an impassioned visionary, poised to become one of the most recognized names in the entertainment industry. The positive feedback from the audience at a young age, no doubt helped to cement his determination to succeed.

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