The DJs List

Attention Pop, House, Deep House Music DJ’s:

We at Enotram Entertainment are currently starting a preferred DJ’s List for the latest sounds from our roster. We are selecting 100 DJs from around the world to premiere the upcoming exclusive sounds from The Emperor of House Music, Martone.

There are several qualifying standards that each DJ must meet to receive exclusive remixes, and merchandise giveaways for your audiences.

Here are the standards:

  • You must be a nightclub, and or radio DJ.
  • Must be House, Dance, Deep House and Pop DJs.
  • Social Media Following of 10K or more with authentic audience engagement i.e. likes, shares, and retweets.
  • You must report your playlists to blogs, record pools, and music industry related magazines.
  • You must report your playlist back to Enotram Entertainment at or a posted playlist on your website or social media accounts.

Send us an email with your social links, website and pertinent info such as name/DJ name,  clubs that you spin at, social media names and platforms, mailing address and the best contact number to reach you. Please indicate if you use audio drops so our artists can have a tailormade drop for you.

Do not delay in sending your info first exclusive remixes are scheduled to go out Friday, May 4, 2018

Thank you,

Enotram Entertainment Staff


No stranger to the world of music, Martone’s years of experience in television, radio and now music have earned him both recognition and respect. Martone first realized his passion for entertainment after a televised performance at his first school play at the tender age of seven years old. Originally, from Lansing, Michigan, he is often described as an impassioned visionary, poised to become one of the most recognized names in the entertainment industry. The positive feedback from the audience at a young age, no doubt helped to cement his determination to succeed.

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