Martone Apparel Limited Edition

Good Evening!

I am so excited about my new apparel line. For a limited time only, I will be featuring album and single covers on t-shirts. These t-shirts range in price from $18.00 to $30.00 USD.  Once you purchase your t-shirt, your order will be shipped out within three to four weeks. This offer is good for two weeks and then it’s gone!

Once you purchase your t-shirt, your order will be shipped out within two weeks from there, it will take 7-10 business days for your t-shirt to arrive.


These shirts are only available until October 20, 2017 get yours today!



To order the Fuck Me Baby T-shirt click the link. 

Click link to purchase Rippin the Runway T-Shirt

Click the link to order Singing T-shirtClick the link to order #TEOM shirt  

Click the link to order Fever T-Shirt


No stranger to the world of music, Martone’s years of experience in television, radio and now music have earned him both recognition and respect. Martone first realized his passion for entertainment after a televised performance at his first school play at the tender age of seven years old. Originally, from Lansing, Michigan, he is often described as an impassioned visionary, poised to become one of the most recognized names in the entertainment industry. The positive feedback from the audience at a young age, no doubt helped to cement his determination to succeed.

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